Portland Mercury this week!

If you are in Portland, be sure to check out this week’s Portland Mercury! We are on the cover as well as the inside Open Season photo spread. The featured kasuri American flag was also made by us! I hope you’ve already purchased your tickets for Alexa Stark x Crazy Wind fashion show next Monday, May 12th. If not, follow the link below. We will be launching our SS14 collection as well as previewing our AW14 collection. Looking forward to seeing you at Doug Fir!

Photography: Chantal Anderson
Model: Keely DiPietro
Clothing & Flag: Crazy Wind

(Source: portlandmercury.com)

Portland Mercury Open Season Fashion Event

We are excited to be part of Portland Mercury’s 10th Open Season fashion event on May 12-14th. We will be showing our latest SS14 collection along side another local designer Alexa Stark on May 12th at Doug Fir. Tickets are on sale now for $5 here. Make sure to check out Portland Garment Factory’s show on the 14th at Rontom and Mag-Big on the 13th at Mississippi Studio also! Hope to see you there!

Photo above: Anja Verdugo, Model: Serena Killion

Black Magic on Black Friday


We will be participating in Black Magic pop up shop event next Friday November 29th, taking place at the Cleaners/the Ace Hotel Portland. We are especially proud to share this event with some of our favorite Portland creatives. Check out this awesome line up!

BLTN Jewelry, Olo FragranceAK Vintage, Tiro Tiro, WinnowSword + Fern, Portland Apothecary, Yo Vintage!, Boet, Crazy Wind 

We hope to see you there!


Content 2013 

We participated in the big annual Portland event called Content 2013 last Saturday November 9th. Content is a very unconventional fashion/art event where the Ace Hotel invites local designers & makers to take over the entire second floor, and each designer get assigned a room to create an installation that reflects their brands. It was a rare opportunity for us to showcase our label in a more abstract and visual way. We created sort of a bamboo forest of traditional Japanese flags called “nobori” which highlighted the main kasuri textile we use in our collection. We also made an indigo American Flag out of kasuri which seemed to be the crowd favorite. Here are some photos from that exciting evening and behind the scene. Great job to all the 28 participants, and thanks everyone for coming to the show!

imageWe special made the Crazy Wind “noren” (traditional Japanese doorway curtain) for the entrance.

imageOur artist friend Dan Ness hand painted the logo straight on to the noren using an old school projector. We were blown away how perfect it turned out!

imageHere is the kasuri nobori forest.

imageAmerican Flag made out of Kasuri.

imageOne of the Content organizers, Kayla Rekofke showed up with the entire Crazy Wind outfit and made us so happy!! What a cutie!

imageOur handsome designer friend Gregory Jackson showed up sporting the Crazy Wind signature tote! This photo makes us smile every time.

imageWe also had a bunch of left over off-cuts from production, so we asked the visitors to join us in tieing the scraps to the trees. This is what they looked like after the event. Thanks everyone for participating and making this event special!

imageAlso very special thanks to my partner Nick Hans of Made on the Moon for all the back breaking labor. This installation wouldn’t have been possible without you.

imagePortrait of me taking during the event by my designer friend Anoosha Foroughi. Thanks for this special photo!

We will be showing our SS14 collection at WOMAN in New York. Hope to see you there!

Date: September 15th-17th

Address: 775 Washington St. NY NY 10014

Time: 10am - 7pm


Seeing this sweetest mother and daughter Crazy Wind duo made me so happy this weekend.

Pants by Crazy Wind: Fabric made in Japan, designed and made in USA, worn by Norwegian beauties.

Sarah from YO! Vintage wore this outfit for 5 days straight! Today is the one year anniversary of her beautiful retail shop in downtown Portland. Congrats & see you tonight for first Thursday!

ALL WE NEED IS CRAZY PANTS!!! Here are some actual street style photos of my favorite girls wearing Crazy Wind pant. If you own Crazy Wind items, please send me photos!

Portland folks! Please come join us this Thursday May 30th for a special Crazy Wind event at Table of Contents. 33 NW 4th Ave Portland OR. 6-8pm. I will be previewing these new unisex totes! 

I’m so thrilled to announce that Crazy Wind is at Joinery NYC in Williamsburg Brooklyn (in my old neighborhood)! They’ve been our number one supporter & believer from the very beginning. These photos from their website are absolutely stunning! If you are in NY, please go check out their shop at 263 South 1st Street. Thankfully for those of us who are not living in NYC, we can still go to their website at www.joinerynyc.com.